Yoga for Beginners - Introduction to Yoga - Part 1


This is part 1 of the Yoga for Beginners Program on Be More Yogic where Marisa guides you through all the basics of Yoga practice. We will start of with breathing excercises.

Yoga styles: Tutorial, Vinyasa, Yoga For Beginners


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

By Amie McLaughlin at December 15 2013, 08:55PM

I found this video really helpful! Thankyou

By Armando Magana at January 16 2014, 03:50AM

Nice and clear explanation. Thankyou.

By Abigail Gemin at June 4 2014, 07:37PM

Heerlijk zo voor het slapengaan. Via op jullie website terecht gekomen. Morgen part 2 in de ochtend: de zonnegroet.

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at June 5 2014, 10:23AM

Dat is fijn om te horen Abigail! Enjoy! :)

By victoria isabel aguilar at September 24 2014, 03:03PM

Excelente Video. GRACIAS

By Jennifer Street at March 4 2017, 10:29PM

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to this course.

By Dorothy DaSilva at July 29 2017, 11:44AM

Great video! I'm encouraged to try part 2

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at August 1 2017, 01:02PM

Awesome Dorothy! Have fun with part 2

By Patrick Campana at November 29 2017, 02:37PM

Thank you. Very good intro to breathing, Looking forward to completing all beginner's lessons.

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