Vinyasa Frontline Body Flow


This Vinyasa video is about opening the whole frontline of the body. We'll be opening the tops of our feet, across the shins, open the quads, over the belly, over the heart centre and opening the shoulders. A lot of the time we are sitting down in chairs and so we're closing in in ourselves, in our front body which lowers our energy level. It also stops us having a great posture. When we open up the front body, we open up our heart, we walk with a better posture and we feel more energized. 

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Yoga style: Vinyasa

By Madeleine Claude at December 15 2014, 04:18PM

Great class! Just what I needed this morning, thank you! :-)

July 19 2017, 10:53AM

Fantastic Class again Amanda. Really amazing opening for the front of the shins, and challenging series as well. loved it.

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