Throat Chakra Ether Flow


In this class we'll be doing the Ether Flow. The throat chakra is related to the element ether and is the color blue. This chakra is about communication and creative self expression, and also about speaking and living our truth. It is here where we discover who we really are and what we really want and to express ourself accordingly to our inner core.

Body parts associated to this chakra are the neck, throat, ears, nose and mouth. This chakra controls the throat, neck, arms and the hands and is also associated with the brachial or cervical plexus. In this flow we're going to focus on inversions such as plow, shoulder stand and fish. 

Yoga style: Vinyasa


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

1 Comment
By Jorge Zamorano at April 28 2018, 07:53PM

This was an amazing flow, I really enjoyed.
Thank you Marisa

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