Third Eye Chakra Flow


In this class we'll be doing a flow that place emphasis on the brow chakra, or the third eye chakra which is located between the eyebrows and has the color violet. The energy of the chakra allows us to access our inner guidance which comes from the depth of our being. It is the centre of wisdom, knowledge, inner vision and intuition. From here we can visionalize our destiny and make it our reality.

Body parts associated to this chakra is the left and right hemisphere of the brain, mind function, autonomic nervous system and the pituitary gland. This flow is dynamic and balanced with some focus on shoulder opening and strengthening. The statement of this chakra is "I see" and it can bring the quality of wisdom, knowledge, inner vision and intuition into your life. 

Yoga style: Vinyasa


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

By Angelica Ammar at August 21 2015, 08:07AM

Loved this class, it's dynamic and mindful, a balanced flow and a beautiful way to start the day. Thanks Marisa!

This was hard. I had to skip the middle half hour. I guess I'm not there yet, but,even though, I felt the shavasanah time was a little bit rush and I could not quite comprehend what you were saying a little bit earlier, the final meditation was incredible. I could totally see the purple flowing. It was amazing and I wanted more.
I'd like a little bit more of volume though. Sometimes it's hard to understand your directions even with a 100% volume on my computer.

P.S. Will someone scold the camera man for putting the finger on the lens? ;)

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at September 21 2015, 12:08PM

Hi Mario, thanks for your feedback. We will have look at the volume levels.

By Nancy Martel at December 29 2017, 03:16PM

I really love Marisa's classes! Always very challenging, but her indications never push us to go to far if we aren't able to. She also always have a good way to mix the yogic spirituality with the physic exercises. Thank you!

By Jorge Zamorano at April 22 2018, 12:42PM

I love this flow, it was challenging at times. Thank you Marisa!

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