Kundalini - Solar Plexus


In this Kundalini class you will be doing a kriya that will place emphasis on the the Solar Plexus charka. The Solar Plexus chakra is located just below the sternum. It has fire as its element and with it comes action, choice, vitality, willpower, enthusiasm and effectiveness. The Solar Plexus is the force behind our will and our will is the ability to make choices, to follow them through and know that we will achieve succes. 

The body parts associated to the Solar Plexus is the digestive system, the liver and the pancreas. The statement of this chakra is "I can" and it can bring the quality of willpower into your life.

When this chakra is unbalanced it can manifest as being domineering or agressive or passive and indecisive or the need for external validation. When this chakra is balanced it can manifest as being confident and having a healthy self-esteem, self discipline, willpower, the power to choose and warmth in personality. 

Yoga style: Kundalini


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

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