Hip Opener Yoga Flow


Amanda will take you through a simple hip opening class. It's a short Vinyasa flow which will tackle all parts of the body, especially the hips. You'll need a block (or a book) for this class.

Yoga style: Vinyasa

By ramirez araceli at September 29 2014, 05:44AM

excelente practica!

By Arielle Adamy at February 23 2015, 06:56PM

Thank you...I'm encouraged that you did this pregnant because I'm 4 months! If you can do it I know I can! love, Arielle

By Elisa Jane at March 14 2015, 01:19PM

None of the videos on your site runs on our computers - 3 PCs, latest programms, but nowhere it works :-(

I sent you an e-mail, mentioning this problem some days before, but you haven't answered yet :-( It seems weird, that I cannot watch the videos - or is it only possible for Premium members?! ...

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at March 20 2015, 11:46AM

Hello Elisa, we have checked your issue but everything is working like it should. We currently don't have any other reports from members not able to watch the videos. So it seems like a local problem.

Have you read and tried the FAQ page? https://www.bemoreyogic.com/faqs

By Andrea Donez at September 2 2015, 01:11AM

Amanda, thank you! I have been missing you and your classes x

By Rebeca Lechuga at June 15 2016, 06:33PM

Thanks so much Amanda! I really enjoyed it!!!

By Dixie Mullineaux at November 26 2016, 12:44PM

I am new to this website. I would not describe this as "beginner". More like beginning intermediate.

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at November 27 2016, 10:19AM

Thanks for your feedback Dixie!

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