Heart Chakra Air Flow


In this class we'll be doing a flow that is specifically designed to stimulate the Heart Chakra, Anahata. The heart chakra is related to the element air and is the color green. This chakra allows us to love deeply, to feel compassion and to have deep sense of peace and centeredness.

Yoga style: Vinyasa


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

By Robin Deitch at September 17 2016, 08:19PM

I really liked the sequencing in this flow. The entire practice felt like a meditative dance.
The sound quality was terrible however. The instructions were muddled. It was frustrating because I had to break my flow to look at the screen.

It would be even better if the instructions were clear.because I had to stop moving and look at the screen

Full Be More Yogic user
By Be More Yogic at September 19 2016, 03:28PM

Hi Robin, thanks for your comment. We are checking the audio levels because you are right! Our files get resized for streaming and we think things went wrong there.

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