Crow Pose, Bakasana


This is a tutorial for crow pose, bakasana. It strengthens the wrist, forearms, abdomen and improves balance.

In Sanskriet Baka means crane and Asana means posture. The crane was thought to be the messenger from the gods and symbolize loyalty and communication. In a variety of traditions, they are thought to be the connect the gap between earth and the heavens. The effect of Bakasana is transcendence, or the experience beyond the normal physical level.

We must go beyond what we believe is our limitations and take off like a crane. Bakasana can bring up questions such as "What if I can't hold this posture?" or "What if I'm not strong enough?" but we must be open to take the chance. Bakasana requires us to transcend our limits and reach higher.

Yoga style: Tutorial


This video was shot in:
Nungwi, Zanzibar

Flame Tree Cottages

By Jojo Karlin at February 21 2013, 03:03PM

Amanda really makes every pose achievable. I'm not sure how she does it, but with just a simple "don't look at your feet" the alignment makes sense. Very helpful.

By Katherine Bates at March 1 2013, 08:24PM

Amanda Panda SOOOOO good! Good job teaching Bakasana! Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze those knees in towards the arms everyone! :)))

Full Be More Yogic user
By louise burns at April 11 2013, 11:57AM

This pose is my nemesis. Thanks amanda i will practise every day this week until i "get it" x

By Tatyana Cherkasets at January 20 2014, 02:05PM

For a while I stopped even trying the crow pose. I watched your video today over and over, and crazy thought passed by my mind what if... You are my always inspiration.

Full Be More Yogic user
By Amanda Dee at February 12 2014, 05:52PM

Tatyana you are my inspiration, hope I get to see you soon.
I am glad the alignment cue help, as it's not an easy one :)

By Tatyana Cherkasets at April 17 2014, 08:16PM

Amanda, I like your article re bursitis very much.
I recently had a pain in shoulder (and still have a residue) so I am trying to take it easy when I practicing yoga nowadays. Your suggestions and tips are invaluable. I am having answers on all my silent questions. Thank you very much. Tc

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