Ashtanga Yoga Introduction


Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and vigorous form of yoga based on a set sequence. The fundamental of Ashtanga Yoga is Ujjayi breath, also known as victorious breath, the Drishtis (gazing points), Bandhas, (locks) and Vinyasas which means linking each movement with breath.

This is a short introduction to Ashtanga Yoga brought to you by Marisa.


Yoga style: Ashtanga


This video was shot in:
Salernes, France

Mas de la Caille

By Ajit Pisharody at October 18 2013, 05:40PM

Dear Marissa

Kindly guide me which is the best Yoga for the back pain problem as i am facing a back pain problem for quite some time.

Thanks & Regards

Full Be More Yogic user
By Amanda Dee at January 18 2014, 08:35PM

Hi Ajlt, sorry for the late reply. Marisa lives in Africa and does not get the best internet connection there, so sometimes misses these questions. This is Amanda one of the other yoga teachers at Be More Yogic. We are not qualified to diagnose here. There are many types of back problems and yoga can help, just check with your doctor first. If you are feeling pain and your doctor gives you the go ahead. I would highly recommend doing the kalabhati breathe as it strengthens the transverse abdominis muscles, which are the corset like muscle that lift you up through the spine, giving more room to lower back. Also practice breathe retentions at the end. if you do about three rounds of 108 pumps, with the retentions a the end of each round, you will feel this is the best ab work out ever.

As for other poses, do some reclining twists, great for creating length in the spine. Also hip openers like gomuckasana, or ankle to knee, help as the hip muscles and grip around the lower back. If you have sacroiliac lower back pain, stay clear of pigeon as this can make it worse. When doing hamstring openers make sure you are tilting the pelvis forward and not rounding in the lower back, as this it self creates pain in the lower back. Using a strap around one foot in the air while the other leg is extended on the floor, reclining on your back is the safest hamstring opener when you have back problems. Once again though make sure the lower back is not rounding up off the floor

Do check with your doctor first.
hope this helps


Amanda Dee

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