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Give yourself the gift of observation, stop for a moment

The practice of yoga is exactly that, a practice. Something we do with dedication over and over. The repetition gives us a set of tools in which we can observe the body and the mind, uncovering our blind spots. We move into different postures, contorting our bodies into peculiar shapes to see when and how our bodies hold tension; in our Jaw as we grit out teeth, the muscles may harden around our hearts and bellies, we hold our breath and bring our shoulders around our ears. Through becoming this observer using our new tools, we imagine breathing into these areas and learn how to soften and let go, or stabilize areas that are numb or unaware of their job. We create a new profound open space in our bodies, minds and hearts while keeping us grounded.


When we move through a yoga class, our teacher continually reminds us to observe our minds, where do we sometimes over think things instead of just feeling, comparing ourselves to the person on the other mat and maybe judge ourselves, becoming our own worst critic. What thoughts repeat themselves over and over like we pressed the replay button, but yet they don’t seem to serve us. Once again we use the tool of observation and through our practice, we watch the thoughts come in, see them and then work to let them go, maybe even creating a new pattern of thought that works better for us

Next time you are able to stop for a moment when you are feeling the stress of life, notice what the stress is made up off. Where do you feel it in the body, what is gripping, what is tightening. Also notice the thoughts through the mind, which story is being repeated. When we give ourselves the time to stop and observe for just a moment, we can release and let go of these habitual patterns of reaction, creating pattern that serve us better. When there is no tension in the body, there can be no tension in the mind. When the mind has space, there you can find the feeling of peace and wellbeing. 

This post is published on January 7th, 2016 17:05 by Amanda Dee

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Give yourself the gift of observation, stop for a moment

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