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Give yourself the gift of observation, stop for a moment

The practice of yoga is exactly that, a practice. Something we do with dedication over and over. The repetition gives us a set of tools in which we can observe the body and the mind, uncovering our blind spots. We move into different postures, contorting our bodies into peculiar shapes to see when and how our bodies hold tension; in our Jaw as we grit out teeth, the muscles may harden around our hearts and bellies, we hold our breath and bring our shoulders around our ears. Through becoming this observe..

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Yoga for Bursitis - How Yoga can help

If you overuse or repetitively stress the area around your body's joints, you may eventually develop a painful inflammation called bursitis. Medical studies have shown that there are about 160 bursae and they are located in various joints throughout the body, most commonly the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist. These small, fluid-filled sacs lubricate and cushion pressure points between your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints. They help your joints move with ease. Bursitis occurs ..

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The Elixir to Staying Young

The Elixir to Staying Young - Body, Heart and Mind It’s the Holy Grail of Modern Life, the never-ending quest for the elusive fountain of youth. That potion or procedure or diet that will keep one looking and feeling young forever. Pity the poor celebrity, faced with growing older in the glaring light of public scrutiny, forever surrounded by images of themselves as a younger, brighter star. Advertisement But it’s not just celebrities that fight the ever-advanced marc..

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Italy Yoga Retreat

Hi everyone, I have just a few more spots left on my retreat to Italy, Tuscany. It will be an intimate retreat of 10 people total. It is going to be amazing! Europe in the summer is so beautiful and lush, from there you can travel to see Rome or Florence and even travel to the beautiful Mediterranean coast. The retreat place itself is gorgeous and is located right in the middle of nature, beautiful views as you sip a glass of wine or have a cup of tea. We will visit small villages, go to local m..

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