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5 Ways Yoga Can Beat Stress

Yoga has a plethora of advantages that can enhance your overall health and wellness. Aside from improving your flexibility and mobility, practicing yoga can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. By harnessing the power of yoga it can help you find ways to feel more relaxed and bring about a number of health benefits.

Be in The Now

It’s easy to feel out of sorts when you’re juggling responsibilities. When you are practicing yoga, you allow yourself true moments of clarity as you detach yourself from the stresses of life. According to reputable yogi Briohny Smyth in an interview with CNN, it’s imperative to commit yourself while doing yoga once you’re in the session: “The key to destressing is realising how to calm the mind and be present.” So, whenever you are on the mat, clear your head from all distractions and take a break from the world for an hour or so.

Yoga Can Help Beat Pregnancy Stress

By practicing yoga, you end up feeling refreshed both mentally and physically. In the long-term it can help you with gaining the capacity to do more as you won't feel so worn down by life’s ever-hectic pace, especially for mothers who are expecting. Be More Yogic  listed four tricks for a healthy and mindful pregnancy  that showed how yoga eased the stress for expecting mothers. One of the key areas he touched on was how yoga can reduce pelvic pain that is common among expecting mothers. Yoga during pregnancy is a great time to be introduced to the practice.  Yoga practitioner Kammy Shuman spoke with Health IQ  about how she first came about trying yoga when she was pregnant which led to her fitness levels improving. Shuman recognised the benefits of yoga and went on to become an instructor certified in pre-natal yoga. This shows how there is no right or wrong time to start yoga, and that starting during pregnancy can be the beginning of something special.

Take a Moment and Breathe

We tend to forget the importance of taking in deep breathing and what good it actually does to our system. Medibank stresses that through yoga, we relearn the value of breathing—breathing deeply and slowly consciously using one's diaphragm. This valuable practice comes in handy when faced with pressure and stressful situations, where you have to gather your wits and emotions to make the right decision. For those with a high-pressure job this is a great way to remain focused.

Sleep Like a Log

There are a number of moves and positions you can do that will help you feel instantly more relaxed, and one of them is vinyasa also known as the corpse pose. Traditionally executed to bookmark a yoga session, the corpse pose can be done at any point during the practice to calm and refresh your body. To accomplish this move, Yoga Basics advises you to lie on your back with your legs and arms open. Then, close your eyes and start breathing deeply and slowly. Think relaxing thoughts, allowing your body to rise and fall as you breathe. While in this position, be aware of the areas of your body that need loosening up and visualise it to be so. This position can also effectively help you acquire better sleep as it sets the perfect mood for bedtime, especially when quality sleep is hard to come by. For more poses, have a look at our Vinyasa videos here.

Make like a Cat-Cow

Here’s another move that will help you beat stress. Get down on all fours and ensure that your wrists are under your shoulders while your knees are under your hips. Take a deep breath and parallel you chin to the floor while also opening your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades—this is the cow’s pose. Transition into the cat’s pose by relaxing your neck and looking back down while you round your back in one fluid motion. According to the Cheat Sheet,  this move is good for your hips, back, chest, lungs and core and is an easy way to ward off stress.

This post is published on December 14th, 2017 14:13

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5 Ways Yoga Can Beat Stress

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