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Four Super-Simple Tricks For A Healthy And Mindful Pregnancy

By Ash Stevens We all want to be our best, and pregnancy takes this need to a whole other level. But when you’re living in a fast food nation and working a desk job for 40+ hours a week, health is HARD. The modern world offers all sorts of quick (and unhealthy) solutions for eating and cooking, but instant fixes for health and happiness are nowhere to be seen. But that’s exactly what today’s pregnant women need.   Well, I’ve put in time researching lab studies, read..

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Infographic: Yoga

Cobra, Cow Face and Downward Dog. No these aren't the names of wacky characters from a kid's cartoon, they're Yoga poses. Stretches and positions that help increase your range of motion and tune your mind to your body. Around 15 million people practice yoga in the United States, while globally the phenomenon reaches upwards of 300 million. Furthermore US consumer spending on yoga related products has increased by 87% over the past 5 years, to $10.3 million annually.   Indeed, if y..

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Give yourself the gift of observation, stop for a moment

The practice of yoga is exactly that, a practice. Something we do with dedication over and over. The repetition gives us a set of tools in which we can observe the body and the mind, uncovering our blind spots. We move into different postures, contorting our bodies into peculiar shapes to see when and how our bodies hold tension; in our Jaw as we grit out teeth, the muscles may harden around our hearts and bellies, we hold our breath and bring our shoulders around our ears. Through becoming this observe..

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Top 25 Benefits of Yoga

Amanda Dee, our yoga teacher for Be More Yogic is pregnant but still going strong in her Sun Salute studio in Alicante (Spain) "I am 8 months pregnant now, and I am still teaching and practicing yoga daily. Yoga helps me to stay focused, strong and flexible". Yoga has so many benefits, for all types of people. Here is a list of the 25 most known benefits: Improves your flexibility (video) Builds muscle strength (video) Perfects your posture (video) Prevents cartilage..

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