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Taryn is a Hawaii-based teacher with experience teaching Vinyasa, Power, and Yin/Restorative yoga. She completed her first training in Bali, Indonesia at age 18. She has since taught at studios all over the country, as well as at universities, public events, private and group lessons, and more. She currently offers online yoga mentorship to students from all over the world, and continues to travel for new teaching experiences whenever the opportunity arises.

Taryn’s personal yoga journey began after her gymnastics career ended during her adolescence. She began to discover her passion for ‘teaching’ throughout her youth and finally became a RYT with Yoga Alliance shortly after finishing her high school education. She has since repeated her original training and completed multiple new trainings, logged extensive "continuing education” hours with her personal mentors, and just recently assisted a yoga teacher training in El Salvador during the summer of 2018. Taryn has studied Sanskrit language and the Dēvānāgari script, modern communication methodology, public speaking skills and technique, and more at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa and continues to be a student of the yogic path as she teaches others.

Taryn feels very lucky to have found her own practice at a very young age, and has since thrown her full attention into sharing her love of the practice with her students in a ‘fun’, accessible way. She aims to connect with students from all over the world through her videos and online yoga offerings, with her message, “Live Your Yoga”!

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