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Marisa van Vuuren is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the worldwide Yoga Alliance. She teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga, bringing awareness into mindfulness and energy flow.

Marisa has been practicing yoga for over 11 years. She completed her teacher’s training in India, Vrindavan through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She studies and practises Ashtanga Yoga with various Ashtanga Yoga Teachers around the world and did her Kundalini Yoga Training with Guru Rattana in Turkey. Marisa’s vision is to be of service to others through sharing the tools of yoga with her teachings. She is passionate about life, yoga, travelling, the ocean, dancing, playing drums and painting. Marisa also practices Reiki which brings a Holistic approach to her yoga classes.

Marisa is the founder of Yoga Zanzibar - The first and only yoga alternative in Zanzibar offering yoga retreats throughout the year since 2009. She is also the co-founder of Divine Diving, Yoga & Dive Center, Zanzibar – the fusion of yoga & scuba diving. She is a PADI Dive Master and finds Yoga and diving a true complement as Yoga practice helps you regulate your breath and entering a meditative state while diving.

Marisa also hosts International Retreats with Consciousness Coach® Marcel D’Allende, in the most exotic locations on earth, igniting the mind, body and soul. ”Barefoot Yoga & Consciousness Retreats”® are a powerful combination of Consciousness expanding workshops and Yoga.

Born in South Africa in the Karoo. Marisa has been living on the island of Zanzibar for the past 9 years. She is inspired by its ambience, colors, turquoise blue ocean, simplicity of lifestyle, its people and sunsets.

“I see Yoga as ‘practical psychology’ – providing us the tools to cope with daily life and its challenges. I am honored to be an instrument in bringing the benefits and transformational powers of Yoga to others. Yoga’s direct positive effect on the body & mind transforms our relationship with ourselves and the world we live in. Yoga leads to self-acceptance and self-love which leads to realizing what our true passions and gifts are in life and the courage to follow our dreams to live a fulfilled life. The secret to success is to follow your gifts through life. Yoga helps us to listen to our soul and to become more conscious and thus to live our full potential” - Marisa

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