Jesús Martín

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From an early agw I have had a passion for sports activities, enjoying nature, and learning meditation techniques including Raja yoga and Buddhism. I studied agricultural engineering, working in the biotechnological research area, and some years later as an innovation business consultant, but my real passion has always lain in activities and techniques related to helping enhance and expand overall well-being.

This budding impulse made ​​me train and practice different meditation techniques and sports, such as swimming, diving, lifesaving, Pilates, yoga, running, soccer, cycling, and triathlons. I have spent time working in various centers as a swimming, yoga, Pilates, running, and meditation teacher, as well as a chiropractor.

And while I was working in my passions, I still had the strong desire to create my own place, to connect with people who want to live a beautiful life and have special experiences. I wish to share with you the knowledge I have been learning and practicing over the years, while we simultaneously explore, experience, and enjoy our beautiful country and culture.

"Daily practices and years of treatments with patients made ​​me realize that these types of movements and exercises can play a defining role in avoiding a lot of injuries, diseases, ailments, anxiety, depression, and etc. ... Doing simple physical activities, balancing emotions, and enjoying the natural, beautiful things around us are the cures to all things."

"This space tends to be a unique meeting place – to share information and experiences about physical activities, leisure, and sport; located in our great Andalusia, full of sun, joy and happiness."


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